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Energy Efficiency Programs

VaCom works with industrial and commercial customers to deliver energy projects with significant savings.  Many projects qualify for incentive credits from various utility programs that encourage conservation.  For example, most electric utilities provide credits that apply to refrigeration retrofit projects, which can help pay for controls upgrades, new variable speed capabilities, or new refrigeration components. 

VaCom experience with the major utilities makes this process easy.  We can design the updated system, simulate the savings, apply to the utility, and then implement the system on a turn-key basis.  Our experience with these Utility "Standard Performance Contracts" has been exceptional with a 100% record of success in obtaining energy savings and energy incentives.   

VaCom customers within these areas obtain significant benefits.  Projects typically have a 12-18 month payback with a continuing savings benefit that extends for over 10 years.  In California, several utilities offer this type of program for energy conservation.  Click here to view a recent example from SDG&E that saved our client $230,000.  Refer to the utility services link to see how VaCom works with major utilities to manage portions of these incentive programs.   

Key Benefits

  • VaCom simulation quantifies the benefits prior to investment
  • VaCom engineering costs can be bundled into the project investment
  • VaCom handles the incentive paperwork for the customer
  • Incentives are received within a few months of capital expenditure
  • Project can be implemented with internal company resources if desired

Recent Example

This new ICE II cold-storage facility is designed to run on 60% less electricity than standard facilities.  This design/build project by Hamann Construction earned almost $230,000 in SDG&E® incentives.  Inside the ICE II freezer warehouse are, from left, Gregg and Phoebe Hamann of Hamann Construction, SDG&E’s Peggy Crossman, and refrigeration consultant Doug Scott of VaCom Technologies.  Behind them is one of six electric, high-lift Condor™ cranes that recharge with energy generated by the weight of products being lowered from 50-ft.-high racks.