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Utility Services

The State regulatory environment frequently rewards a utility for energy conservation.  Utilities respond by creating directed incentives that are offered programmatically to customers in a utility's coverage area. 

VaCom serves these utilities by performing program management services within specific industry and commercial markets, such as supermarket refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, and various commercial areas.  VaCom obtains pre-authorization for a program of savings within these markets, and then we locate savings opportunities at customer sites within these segments. 

Utility customers obtain significant benefits with these programs.  Projects typically have a 12-18 month payback since incentives are paid to the customer to directly offset up to 50% of the project investment.  In California, several utilities offer this type of program for New Construction Supermarket and Industrial Refrigeration under the Savings by Design program. Click on the logo for more information. 

Key Benefits to Utility

  • VaCom expertise manages a sub-segment of the program, to identify new construction projects
  • VaCom engineers simulate the savings to confirm economics prior to customer investment
  • VaCom handles the incentive paperwork for the customer
  • Incentives are received within a few months of capital expenditure
  • Projects can be implemented with any engineering firm, contractor, or internal company resources as desired

Utility Industry Program Delivery

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