Performance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring ensures the capture of economic benefits while providing operating visibility.

EnergyDashboard® Performance Monitoring

EnergyDashboard® by VaCom Technologies is a real-time secure web-based performance monitoring service for industrial and commercial applications such as refrigeration systems, heat pumps, and chillers.

EnergyDashboard® provides economic value to the user by providing continuous system monitoring and engineering analysis at a very low cost. The availability of current information via the Internet allows the user to easily understand operating conditions, facilitating immediate actions to fine-tune system performance. In addition to gaining improved efficiencies, “real-time” operating information contributes to a greater understanding of the plant’s overall operation and faster response to emergency situations.

The EnergyDashboard® platform provides unique capabilities far beyond simple data collection and consolidation, including:

• Data verification, cleansing, and consolidation. Operating data is collected from the facility and transmitted via the internet to VaCom servers.
• “Virtual Engineer” algorithms to convert data into refrigeration information for system performance and efficiency metrics.
• “Virtual Supervisor” algorithms to recommend tuning or upgrades to the refrigeration system.

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EDB2.0 Multi-Status Chart
EDB2.0 Plant Layout